Need advice about your first offer?

Our calculator provides machine-learning based first-offer recommendations: just choose what you want to buy, how much it’s supposed to cost, and how badly you want it in three steps.
1. Let us know what you want to buy. Choose the product category that you’re interested in from the drop-down menu below. If your product isn’t listed here, select a similar category. 
2. Let us know how much the seller wants to sell the product for.
3. Let us know how badly you want to buy this product from this particular seller. Do you really, really want to reach an agreement with this particular seller (for example, because nobody else offers this product for a similar price)? Simply indicate your “impasse risk preference” as very low, or 20%. Or do you not care much if your negotiation with this particular seller doesn’t come to an agreement (maybe many other people sell this product for a similar price)? Then indicate your impasse risk preference as very high, or 80%. The higher your impasse risk preference is, the more aggressive your recommended first offer will be.

Try the first offer calculator:

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