The dataset was made available by Backus et al. (2020) and contains information about more than 28 million negotiations between buyers and sellers on eBay’s ‘Best Offer’ marketplace platform. Sellers determine a listing price for their product, and buyers initiate the negotiation with their first offer. The negotiation ends after a maximum of three rounds of offers and counteroffers with either an agreement on a final price or with an impasse. Sellers can negotiate simultaneously with multiple buyers for the same product.

The original dataset contains information about 98,307,281 unique products across 34 categories (e.g., ‘art’, ‘books’, ‘computers & electronics’, ‘sporting goods’)—such as listing price, reference price, product condition, delivery times, and product category. The dataset also provides more fine-grained information about 28,203,943 unique negotiations between one seller and one buyer for one specific product (e.g., offer values per round, agreement vs. impasse, final price paid [if an agreement was reached], buyer and seller ratings, delivery time, number of prior negotiations, etc. (see Backus et al., 2020).

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